I'm the youngest daughter of the Kim family, leaders of the Black Dragons,the sharpest and most cunning dealers in the market

I may be quiet and childish but I'm capable of anything.

My brother Jonghyun is the current leader

What is her Secret?

Name: Kim Hyuna
Age: 18
Organization: Black Dragon

Personality:   Hyuna has always been shy, ever since she was younger. She would simply smile bow, and run away when she meet someone new or hide behind her brother. Even though she’s shy with strangers, she is quite outgoing with those she knows. Hyuna is a warm hearted, caring girl who cares deeply about those close to her, especially her brother. Being a curious child would land her in mysterious places, she can’t keep away from adventure.  She tends to give off a cold personality at first, but she’s quite childish and clumsy in reality.

 Hyuna is the second child, and the youngest child of the Kim family. She grew up Seoul, Korea with her two loving parents and her older brother, Jonghyun. As a young child she had always been a little trouble maker. She would get in trouble for sneaking off into rooms in her home that were off limits. Having a curious mind, to Hyuna “Don’t” meant “Do”. Despite all this, her parents loved her very much and wouldn’t discipline her knowing she had a curious mind. When she was young her parents tried to keep her away from the underground world they ruled, but being how she is, Hyuna found out on her own the truth.

In school Hyuna was one of the top student in her class. Being one of the top students and taking more classes than what was asked for, she was able to finish school at the young age of 17. After she finished school she took the choice of not attending college, and taking online courses to stay close at home and help with the family business of running the night clubs staying away from the danger her parents held her back from.

On a rainy quiet day, Hyuna was sitting in her room reading a book when she heard the someone knock on her door. She quickly got up and opened the door. The maid told her the police was at the Front door of their home. Hearing that word a sudden feeling of fear ran through her body. She threw her book down on the ground and quickly ran down the stairs. Being in the business her family was, having the police at your door never meant good news but little did she know it had nothing to do with the black diamonds and weaponry they hid but with her parents. That night in the Hospital Hyuna, and Jonghyun stood by their fathers hospital bed. He was on the edge of death, while her mother already was watching them from above. Her fathers last request was for the two of them to take over. Through her watery aching eyes Hyuna bent down and held his hand agreeing to this request. A few moments later the heart monitor, and played a erie sound as she laid her head down on her fathers chest crying her heart out. Since the day of the car accident that claimed he parents lives Jonghyun has kept her away from the underground organization, trying  his best to keep her away from the danger that lurks in every corner.  Even though she has been told to stay away, Hyuna is determined to endure the darkness of the reality she was born into.

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